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WOT question
WOT leaning, please help
Wiring the Auxbox LM-1 for 92-95 OBD1 civic
Will just one be enough?
Will high back pressure cause O2 error?
Why is the Air Cleaner changing Idle AFR?
When to measure A/F ratio?
When to leave it alone?
When is 14.7 not- I FAILED emissions!?
What to go with?
What System do i need?
What program do I need to change the Alarm and LED colors on
What metering plates for a Holley?
What Lamda reading?????
What kind of EGT sensor kan I use together with LM-1
What is the issue with running lean
What Is The Future Of I***e
What hardware do I need
What Happened to 68HardCharger's threads?
What are using for TPS on a carb?
what AFR to pass smog
What AFR for 10% ethanol gasoline
welding with ac-high frequency---affects on digital
Weird a/f at low and high rpms
Weber DGV Tuning
Weber DGV on roadrace car
Weber DCOE Diagnostics
Weber 48IDF on Harley
WB o2 befor turbo
Way's to spot knock?
Way tooo lean yet rich symptoms, input>?
Waste spark question for Klaus
Display shows 7.9 - no blinks
Very rich area at ~4000 - 5200 rpm on DHLA 45
very odd poppingon 2.0L Integra.
Very Newbie tuning - first time out
very confused
Vapor Pressure
Usual cause of backfiring?
Using LC-1 with voltage doubler on Pos Gnd
Using an LC-1 in place of NBO2 on 99 vw
usa engine italian tuner...evo2
usa engine italian tuner!
update on alky carb w/airpan
uber-newb needs basic help
U-shaped AF curve (tuning 800 AD Mighty Demon)
Tuning With T-jets!
tuning with lamba?
Tuning RX-7 with LC-1's
Tuning questions:
Tuning jets in 32/36 DFEV till I'm blue!
Tuning for Maximum Fuel ecomnomy
Tuning for Fuel Economy
Tuning E-85
Tuning differant fuels
Tuning carb 950 quick fuel pro
tuning alcohol
Tuning a two stroke motorcycle.
Tuning a Proform 750 Need Help
Tuning a Dragrace Buell with a downdraft weber
Tuning a BG Road Demon 625
tuning 2x4 tunnel ram w/750 eddies
Tuning 101, basic??
Tuner please explain
Tuner or anyone: Questions about converting a pair of 750HPs
Tuner??? Holley Spreadbore tuneability
Trouble with vacuum signal to power valve in Holley
Transition slots at different heights
Too much boost
Too many products, not enough wires :)
Too Little Advanced Timing?
Timing issue
Time lag, if any, from actual burn to reading
throw me ideas. what can make a car go rich for a sec when t
Throttle position sensor for edelbrock carb
Thanks Tuner!
Testing method to determine if O2 sensor is bad?
Terminator plug Question
Tech tip on drag application Holley style carburetors
TEC2 Wiring question
TC-4 accuracy
tapping IFR in metering block ?
T-slots, idle speed and idle afr
T-slot,mains transition understanding
T-slot 7/32" long on 850 Annular Demon?
T Slot Position & Length
Symptom of maxed out carb?
Swapping boosters
Summer tuning a 1095 king demon!
Sudden peak readings in log file!!
SU Carburetor Tuning
Stock O2 sensor life with no heater
Stock ign map for a 4age 16v redtop
Steady 1 second blink after LC1 program
starting a cold engine
Standalone Gauge Kit
Squiters spraying alone
Spikes in RPM graph?
Spark Plug Analysys (pics)
something loose in metering block???? help.
Somender-Singh combustion chamber grooves - detonation kille
Simple question about fuel compatability
Silicone Poisoning?
Sidedraft Tuning
Side gapping the plugs
Shutting down the LM1
Shielded cable needed for analog 0-5 volt sensors?
Setting the Idle on an Accel DFI 7
Serial cable pinout or diagram needed!!!! Laptop to LM or LC
Selecting sections
Secondary T Slot Question
sbc combo ideas for good fuel mileage???
SB Mopar timing question
RPM Probs.
RPM logging low but not at high RPM
Rotary AR no good?
richor lean no inbetween
Rich spot right off idle Holley 750
Rich cruise HP950/BBC
Respons time
Recurring idle surge that's corrected with turning ign off/o
really lean, Like 33.1afr????
Rate my first tune
Race Demon 825, A/F goes high at WOT
Questions for Tech @ BG
Questions about the "Too Rich" Tech Article
question on equivalent jetting between primary and secondary
Question for you carb tuners
Question for Tuner!!
Question For Klaus On Afr's
Question about numbered drill bits
Question about Intercooling/Fuel
Qjet gets progressively richer with time
qaudra jet to Carter AFB
Q-Jet transition slots
Q-jet Secondary Blade Angle...TUNER?
Q-jet idle
Q from Tech. Article: You CAN Be Too Rich
Pwm Nb O2?????
problem w/ dominator throttle linkage.
Pro Stock engine runs at 13.5 to 1 AFR
Power Valve Question
Power supply filter?
pipe glowing red
Picked Up A MAP... Now what??
Permanent Sensor Mounting
Paging TUNER
Overheating Problem.
OK..Moderators : 3 whats going on with the MTX?
O2 sweeps look wrong
O2 Sensor won't complete heater calibration
O2 sensor use on two stroke motors
O2 Sensor Tap Size
O2 Sensor Placement
O2 location with open headers
noob needs help can't get a stable afr
No emulsion holes in the emulsion tube?!
Nitrous & AFR Sensors
Newbie with lots of questions
newbie question on tps/searched to no avail
Newbie learning. Just some Questions
Newbi Confusion
Newb needs advice on triple carb setup
New user needs help
new user needs advise
New user
New to this!
new guy - need help tuning my Mighty demon!
need help with this log
narrow band simulation for mpg
monitoring/tuning a diesel
lower RON = dropped timing across the board?
New to the board.. Dominator opinions...
New to LM-2 need help wiring for rpm
New metering blocks, help!!!!
New Sensor application note
New LM-1 user...getting noisy signal/lean spikes
New LC-1 and LMA-3 install, couple of concerns
Need some help -- going lean at WOT
Need sensor help - IAT
Need Some help
Need Input on Rear O2 Simulator
Need Input - Turbo Car Running Lean
NO2 tuning
NGK vs BOSCH sensor?
NBO2 vs WBO2
NBO2 operation
NB O2 - Can a Planar style replace Thimble?
My LC1 seems not to show anything below 13..
My 406ci likes it rich !
Multiple Spark Discharge
Mr Tuner sir, Holley emulsion holes?
Motorcycle emulsion tubes
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