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XD-16 Going Wild (Solved)
Winter vs. Summer Jetting
Will injecting water/methanol mix affect afr?
Why is this carb not responding to fuel?
Why is the Air Cleaner changing Idle AFR?
Why does the LM2 have so many problems
Why does lower concentrations of methanol knock more?
Where's the "Ask Klaus" section?
Where to start?
Where to start- a bit long
Where to place the bung
When the AFR readout is not the actual AFR
When is 14.7 not- I FAILED emissions!?
What's the issue there with my metering blocks
Whats going on here?
What you Think about this Dyno
What would cause popping through exhaust?
What System do i need?
what is the point of a skirted booster?
What Is The Future Of I***e
What is the best way to richen the mixture for my carb
What happens to the AFR with H2O injection?
What Happened to 68HardCharger's threads?
What causes reading to jump around?
welding bung
Weird Carb issue
WBO2 Probe location
Wanted someone from I***e to respond to this one. Wideban
Want to ask Klaus some questions!
volt converter
Vacuum Secondaries Disconnected Comparison Holley SA 570
Vacuum Advance
Vac. Secondary tip-in?
Vacuum @ WOT
using a sensor in massive exhaust gas streams.
usb-serial port com problems? solution found
Update on Dyno Results - Part 2, Fuel Curve
Unsure on MTS Chain Data Rate
unstable LC1 reading, Output value not changing
Unable to eliminate a near engine killing bog during acceler
Tyre & track temps
Turbo slow to make boost..
Tuning without the Secondaries
Tuning Narrowband Feedback Loop Response?
tuning i4 91 gsxr 1100 one cyl rich?
Tuning Holley 750dp
Tuning Help - I give up
Tuning carb 950 quick fuel pro
Tuning advice on leaning out my A/F
Tuning advice for low rev high boost please.
Tuner or anyone: Questions about converting a pair of 750HPs
T-slot,mains transition understanding
T-slot 7/32" long on 850 Annular Demon?
trying to read and understand
trusting afr's
Trouble with vacuum signal to power valve in Holley
Triumph Twin Tuning
Transfer slots not exsposed at idle. Problem?
Transfer slot ques
toluene as a octane booster
to lean or to much unburned gases
Timing, idle afr and why does my car stink?
Timing and AFR (again)
Time for a Edelbrock? Holley issues begin!
Throwing Belts
Throttle Bodies: 1,2, and 4 BBL?
Thorium powered magnetic turbocharger...LC1_Junior Tell Me M
thermocouple positioning
Thanks "Tuner" with your help, this is how she tur
TC-4 Calibration? Sensors off by 10 deg F
Switched to e85
Supercharged Vmax Holley 390 CFM Problems and Converting to
Summer tuning a 1095 king demon!
Strange spot on spark plugs.
still smells rich at idle
Starting point
Starting over....Again....
ST-12: back to life.
Spark Plugs
something loose in metering block???? help.
Some tuning trouble
Sold my LM-1 . . . now what?
Sniffer Pump
Slip on collectors.
SHRINKER: Bore/venturi size ratio?
Shrinker, and other carb genii, please help!
shirnker - Fuel Vaporization
SF Dyno AFR vs ST-12 AFR
Serial cable
Seeking Edelbrock Pro Flow XT information
Secondary transition slots Idle Eaze
sbc combo ideas for good fuel mileage???
safe afr on alcohol supercharged flathead
safe afr on alcohol supercharged flathead
running small main air bleeds
Running Hot!
Run logs opinions please.
RPM spiking!
RPM logging low but not at high RPM
RPM Dropping Signal while accelerating
Rich spikes in AFR?
Rich Cruise Holley HP 750
Rich AFR on deceleration
revving the car in park goes to 33 AFR
Respons time
Renting time on the dyno - how to get best results?
Recurring idle surge that's corrected with turning ign off/o
rear cylinders rich at PT, 4 corner 750hp
Reading rolling road graphs.
Spark plug reading pdf - essential knowledge
Read these Spk Plugs
Read My Plugs! .....Please
Question on Squirt Spark Post
Question for the Shrinker
Question about tires (tyres)
Question about numbered drill bits
question about lean cruise.
Qjet gets progressively richer with time
PVCR changes?
Puzzling tuning results
Pump Shot a Band-Aid for acceleration?
Proper idle calibration.
Problems with AFR logs
Pro Tuners: Your opinion
Primary and Secondary Jets and PVCR sizing question
Power Valve Question
Power Valve on Holleys
Plug reading quiz.......two strokes
Plug reading article, what do u guys think
Please! What is the diffrence from LM1/LC1
Please Post up your WOT Logs
Please help me determine cause of the lean spikes.
Please help ID this Holley carb
Please Evaluate my run data
PCV location important?
PCV leak, Effect of heat on idle and questions
Part throttle AFRs jumpy?
Overheating Problem.
Over fueling 725 Demon
optimun power AFR curve
Optimal AFR when tuning
Opinions on some AFR/RPM logs from my chevelle
Operated engine rich, oil impact
Open downpipe = at least 30HP
Old school metering blocks
Ok, LC-1 is junk, Any Alternative to I***e?
Ok I Have A ?
Odd results in first runs with SU carbs
O2 sensor holder
O2 Sensor Calibration?
O2 sensor and slip on collectors
O2 Cylinder Bung Placement
Not another transition circuit question!
noob question
No Leaded fuel?
no answer from I***e.. emaild several times
nitro oxide (nos) and A/F on lm1
Newbie. Aircraft engine tuning by wideband.
Newbie needs info
Newbie hello, little problem
Newbie - idle vacuum vs duration
Newbee, need tuning advice
New User And Some questions.
New Sensor application note
new here, need tuning help
New engine idea
New Demon surprise
New cams, burning eye's
New 1050 Main Body
Need tuning advice on 850 AN Quick Fuel
Need some help -- going lean at WOT
Need help: LM-1 acting up.....
Need help: Lack of power that somestimes leans AFRs
Need help with Spikes
Need Help Accelerator Pump
Need an advice about permanent I***e system
Neagitive one readings
NBO2 operation
N2O tuning with the wideband O2?
My lc1 and db guage is reading very fast between 10-14
Multiple Spark Discharge
Multiple EGT Datalogger
Mr Tuner sir, Holley emulsion holes?
motocross bike (4stroke) and LM-2 question
More Spark Plug Reading Help, please.
More in-depth e-hole discussion (with pictures!)
Monitoring knock through a NOx sensor
modifying carb for more cubic inches?
Modifying carb for E85
Mixture set with AFR or vacuum gauge
Mixing E85 and race fuel
Mighty Demon 750 lean on primaries under load
Methanol Lambda to start racing with ?
Methanol and sensors
meth and the wideband
measuring flow at different pressure drops
Measuring AF ratio in an aircraft.
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